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 By Shravan Gupta.

Mumbai: Real estate is the new story of 2022. This view is endorsed both by the market and real estate experts. The emergence of real estate has been visible and is likely to grow more in the coming months. This holds right for both metropolitan and mid-level cities where newer and bigger apartments are back in demand. Experts like Shravan Gupta are bullish about this new and emerging trend facilitating the entry of new players. This gives rise to new homes boosting the real estate sector.

Many reasons make real estate the fastest-growing sector. It can be attributed to both policy changes and home loan rates. 

Bullish forecast.

In the current scenario, experts like Shravan Gupta are bullish about real estate and its growth. The Analysts predict that the real estate sector will witness a growth rate of 8-9%. The change is visible in-home buying since the covid era. The slump seen during the pre-covid times is picking up. It is slowly picking up due to enhanced demand for new and bigger homes. This change is visible in most Indian Cities. 

The demand for new houses will be till the beginning of 2023. 

Another reason for being bullish is the change in thought process. People were satisfied with smaller and more affordable homes. However, this is slowly changing as people have realized the need for bigger homes. Shravan Gupta feels this is a positive change and image builder. Since June 2022, this surge is visible in real estate.

The trend for newer and bigger homes is due to work-from culture. The emergence of this culture has enhanced the need for a home with a separate office. This is one trend which is likely to continue till the beginning of 2023. 

Enhanced liquidity flow.

Apart from the Bullish factor, another prominent factor for an elevation in growth is enhanced liquidity flow. Government and banks are putting enhanced liquidity in real estate. This is further strengthened by factors like:

-The high number of buyers- Today there are more buyers in the market for homes. This is more relevant in areas close to Business districts. 

– Additionally, some banks also offer cheap home loans. This further strengthens the liquidity flow in the housing segment. Shravan Gupta acknowledges the fact that the government plays an essential role the real estate sector. This holds for all types of homes.

The single most vital factor is the infrastructural boost. It is possible due to changes like No lock-in period and special incentives for buying homes. The constant investment in real estate has boosted the levels of sales. Hence, making it the best time to buy a home. 

It is these factors which make real estate the fastest-growing sector. There is a growing feeling for the real estate now. And it holds the potential to bounce back fully by 2023. The growth scenario is likely to remain unchanged till mid-next year.


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