Top most concern for first-time home buyers.

By Shravan Gupta.

Owning a home provides a sense of belonging. It is everyone’s ultimate dream to own a home. But there are many things which a first-time buyer should know before buying a home. It is best to approach a well-known builder with many successful projects. Shravan Gupta stands by this fact and has adopted seamless ways to make a housing project more viable. 

It is noteworthy to know that despite the economic slowdown housing sales are on the rise. Some essential facts which are crucial for first-time buyers are:

  1. Good construction.

A home which has optimum construction quality is always of high value in the market. Shravan Gupta feels it is vital for every first-time buyer to enquire about the construction quality. Most builders today use the best quality materials to make affordable yet stylish homes. 

A buyer should first enquire about the builder and its construction before buying a flat. Today it is possible to view homes from home by visiting the concerned website. It gives some idea about the design as well.

       2. The cost factor.

A prospective buyer must keep a watch on the price of buildings. Some builders like Shravan Gupta offer amenities like Gym and include them in the price of the home. One can also check out real estate projects which offer a discount on new constructions. 

A new buyer should keep the price factor in mind before making a decision.

    3.The location.

Today the location of a building is the most crucial factor. Most first-time buyers are looking for a building which is accessible to the market and near to the office. This becomes more essential in a city like Mumbai and Delhi where one does not want to travel long distances daily. But if the house is in a prime location, the price is bound to rise. 

It is best to look for houses in the desired area with a proper search before finalizing the home. Shravan Gupta says one can find the best property through websites like It gives an accurate idea of the location as well as the facilities nearby.

4. Finish date.

It is best to ask the builder about the finishing date of the new project before choosing the house. This is the foremost concern of every new house buyer. Shravan Gupta feels most first-time home buyers will choose a project which will be completed on time. 

If a person wants to buy a house within a specific time limit it is best to buy an apartment in the constructed building. Shravan Gupta feels this trend is bound to increase more in the coming months.

5. Housing society.

Today most housing societies are being built with various amenities. It is common for apartments to have facilities like clubhouses, movie theaters and gyms in a single place. 

A first-time buyer is more likely to be attracted by these features. 


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