It Is The Dawn Of A New Era For The Housing Segment In 2023. By Shravan Gupta.

Shravan Gupta MGF Group Chairman | Shravan Gupta Emaar MGF Land Director
Shravan Gupta MGF

Mumbai: The perception of the home has changed tremendously. Gone are the days when large homes were considered a norm. Such isn’t the case any longer as people prefer to invest in premium compact homes consisting of one or two BHK Apartments. According to expert Shravan Gupta, MGF Group, the compact home trend will be on the rise till the end of 2023.

Many things have made this possible. Some of these have a direct correlation with today’s generation. The biggest factor responsible for this is the changing thought process, busy lifestyle and work culture. People no longer want to travel hours for work. Instead, they prefer to live near the business district or close to the workplace. If this means living in a small house, so be it. From this angle, the compact home trend is on the right track and its growth prospect seems very high.

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