Dubai expo real estate Opportunity. By Shravan Gupta

Dubai: Dubai is well known for its high rise buildings. This concept underwent some change and it witnessed a slowdown. It is beyond doubt that the Dubai expo is the most famous exhibition in the world. The Dubai expo was scheduled to be held in 2020 but the advent of pandemic pushed it to 2021. There were views that the delay would prove to be a dampener but such is not the case. Shravan Gupta feels that real estate will witness a major turnaround in its fortunes. Dubai expo has…

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Shravan Gupta sees real change in real estate this festive season, with home sales booming

House sales have boomed these past few months, with 10% growth in real estate forecasted for 2021, raising the hopes of builders like Shravan Gupta. Today, the housing sector has undergone tremendous change and has emerged as the most profitable sector. With this improved outlook, some experts such as Shravan Gupta feel that real estate will witness real change in the coming months.  Real estate is one of the most progressive sectors in the Indian economy. Despite undergoing an economic slowdown, it is gradually picking up. This has raised the…

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