By Shravan Gupta.

The year 2023 is bound to be the year of real estate. We have seen many changes in the real estate sector. This is going to be pathbreaking when it comes to the way houses are sold and bought. Such change is attributed to the advent of technology into the real estate segment. Shravan Gupta feels Technology and real estate go hand in hand. It is a sign that real estate is on the path to progress.

One might wonder what Prop technology is and its relevance in the real estate segment. Prop technology is the technology that boosts the real estate industry. Today most companies have gone online or are likely to go online in 2023. It is difficult to pinpoint a single reason for the use of Prop technology in the real estate sector. Some of the prominent ones are due to factors like:

–       The pandemic factor- During Pandemic it was difficult to search for a house physically. In such times, prop technology like virtual tours came as a blessing in disguise.

–       The age factor- Today people are buying homes at a younger age. This has led to an overall increase in online sales of houses. To cater to this age group, Developers like Shravan Gupta lay emphasis on technology.

Real estate experts feel prop tech has come as a boon. The prop tech has proven beneficial in boosting sales in the housing segment.

·      Enhanced digitisation- Digitisation is one of the finest examples of the prop technology. Today you can find a house easily through websites and AI technology. One just has to visit a company’s site to know about the house. According to Shravan Gupta, Digitisation will boost the house sales in coming months.

·      Emergence of AI- The role of AI can’t be undermined in the real estate sector. AI provides a plethora of technological advancements like virtual reality and 3D technology. It has proven efficient in showing the new house to customers online. Shravan Gupta is very bullish about this development as it gives an edge.

·      Enhanced transparency- Prop technology has made real estate more transparent and efficient. Earlier it was unimaginable to be in touch with buyers. Use of AI has boosted transparency and collaboration in the real estate industry. It has eased communication between buyer and seller. At the same time, it also gives the right information to a potential new buyer. This will boost housing sales in 2023.

The Final Point.

The future of real estate is very bright. Prop technology will become more prominent with dominance of Virtual technology and digital sales. 2023 is indeed the year of real estate for the Indian market.


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